Confined Space

A Confined Space is defined as an area which by design has limited access and exit that exposes a reasonable and foreseeable risk to workers. A confined space can have low natural ventilation, poor oxygen levels, poor natural light, contaminants, toxic gases, explosive gases, free flowing solids, extreme temperatures or ingress of water. It is a space or area which is not intended for human inhabitation especially during continuous work.

A few examples of Confined spaces are storage tanks, pits, sewers, tunnels, culverts, pipelines, shafts, basements, voids and chambers.  These areas may be wet, dry, tidal, clean or contaminated.



Seawork Marine Services provide Confined Space Services consisting of teams who are highly driven and responsible individuals, highly trained and experienced in confined space operations in all types of environments. 

Our range of equipment is extensive and provides the teams with full protection to enable them to undertake the planned works.